Ionic air purifier quiet breeze hepa filter

Our new HEPA Quiet Breeze Ionic Air Purifier takes room air cleaning to the next level. With 3 filters including a true HEPA filter and built-in ionizer, it's the only air purifier you'll need.

Features: 3 Separate Filters; HEPA filtration; 3 Fan Speeds; On/Off Ionizer
Three Separate Filters: (1) Pre-filter - traps larger dust particles and other air pollutants. Replace every 3-6 months (2) HEPA Filter - the heart of the air purifier. It traps all kinds of viruses, bacteria, dust particles, pollen and fungi. Replace once per year. (3) Carbon filter - absorbs odors and cigarette smoke. Replace once per year. Three Fan Speeds (1) Silent Mode - perfect for small rooms (2) Standard Mode - suitable for spacious rooms up to 430 sq ft (3) Fast Mode - for quick air purification Ionizer: Emits beneficial negatively charged ions which neutralize the positively charged ions emitted by various electrical devices. Consequently, the most basic cause of tiredness resulting from having worked long hours in front of a screen is removed. Thanks to the ionizer, the air has a pleasant smell of rain.
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    Technical Information: --Supply Voltage: 120 Volts --Power: 25 Watts --Noise Level: <55 dB(A) --Air Flow Volume: 76 cfm --Coverage Area: 430 sq ft --Dimensions: 10" H x 9.75" W x 9.75" D